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Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa

Pre-arranged Visa On Arrival

Dear our all valued clients,

Entry to Myanmar with Pre-arranged Visa On Arrival is available through Tour Gallery service (with following terms mentioned under) with an advanced application on behalf of our clients to the authority which may take 10 full working days or 2 weeks of time officially.

However, in order to avoid untimely inconveniences, may we have your kind understanding to co-operate with us to provide the passport details of your personal data at least three weeks in advance of your arrival to Myanmar.

Terms of pre-arranged Visa On Arrival application will be as follow:
1. Personal passport data should be accepted at least three weeks in advance of your arrival.
2. Photo (Recent photo not older than six months to the present) .
3. Only for the clients who has the full package tour arrangement with guide from Tour Gallery.
4. The nationality like Spanish whose country where we don’t have Myanmar Embassy or Consulate to issue the Visa.
5. Pre-arranged Visa On Arrival is strictly recommended only to the program of package tour to be exercised with non-extendible condition.
6. With the handling charges which will cost USD 30 per pax to Tour Gallery.

Note :

After the approval on your arrival
Two passport sized photo
USD 20 per pax for visa fees to be paid at the Airport by the client.

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