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Myanmar Golf Tour

Myanmar Golf Tour

We’re very much pleased to give you all the details regarding Golf Tour in Myanmar. Shan Yoma Travel & Tours is in the best position to render service and we very much hope you gentlemen may find our undertaking of the job would be of helpful to your needs and fulfil all of your requirements in this Endeavour.
Myanmar, one time was a British colony. So, during British time this game was adopted as a official game for British Officials and those who worked under their administration. The playing of golf game was very popular from the very beginning of British annexation of Burma. That’s why there are many golf fields in Myanmar, mostly in all the major cities. It has become a legend now, but one time there was a golf course very much similar to St. Andrew Golf Course in Scotland. The landscape was almost identical. Just to give you a snapshot on golf history in British Burma.
The main tourist spots in Myanmar are Yangon, Bago, Mandalay, Bagan, Inlay, Myitkyina, Rakhine Myo Haung and Ngapali. All these towns and cities have nice golf courses.

There are three seasons in Myanmar: Summer, Rainy and Winter. Summer starts from end of February to mid of May. Rainy season starts from mid May to mid September. Winter season starts from mid September to end February. The tourist season starts from the month of November to February. In winter the weather is quite cool and the intensity of heat is very much less. It is a favorable weather for the westerners.

The tourist spots varies according to the topography of the region. We have mountainous terrain, flat surface terrain and semi hilly and flat terrain. Apart from those terrain we have wet land called the delta region.

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