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Who We Are


This is Tour Gallery Travels & Tours Co., Ltd  from Myanmar (Burma). Now we start making the Culture  Tour, Incentive  Tour, Pilgrimage Tour, Honeymoon Tour, Luxury special Tour,  Bird Watching Tour, Special Bike Tour, Trekking Tour, Car Trip Tour, Golf Tour, Special Tours from Tour Gallery Travel and Golden Land of Myanmar Tour. We will give you special service and special trip. Our agency have and is working  together with many experience guide ( such as English speaking guide, Russian speaking guide, German speaking guide, French speaking , Spanish speaking guide and so on ).  And then we have other   services ( such as –only flight services, car services, hotel service and guide services ). Our agency starts from March 2011 and Travel  License  (Kha- 1446)  was got from Ministry  of   Myanmar  ( Burma  ) Travels  and  Tours . Our tours   are not expensive. Please send mail and please ask  us  what  do   you want to know. Specially our team is   doing tour program, we know what you want and what do you want to do. We are looking   forward   to  your  asking mail.

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